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Cool In-Car Tech 2016 Roundup

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1. Nextbase DUO


RRP: £199
Available from: £184

The Nextbase DUO is certainly a great tool for careful motorists. It has 2 cameras, one to capture the traditional forward facing view in 720p, and rearward facing camera captures everything at the ……. Rear.

Reviewers praise the units ease of use and robustness. It is especially useful in the ‘crash for cash’ scenario. If you are rear-ended, the fraudsters won’t have any legal standing.

2. Pioneer AVH-170DVD


RRP: £299
Available from: £200

One of the easiest ways to bring older cars up to date is fit a new stereo. The game has moved on from just AUX and Bluetooth, and now you can get a full Apple Car Play or Android Auto device for under £200. This means that all of your apps including music, video, maps are on a 7 inch screen on the dashboard.

3. Cheap OBD Bluetooth and Carista


Available from: £4.55 and £15 for the app

There is no need to take your car to the dealer and pay £50 to get a few dashboard lights turned off! Now you can do it for £4.55 and use a free app like Carista that will show you the health of the car, any previous logged faults, the ability to delete fault codes, and monitor all aspects of the car. If you want to customise your cars settings – like auto lock, wiperspeed, remote buttons etc you can pay £15 for the Carista Pro App.

4. Hudway


RRP: £1.34
Available from: Free for basic version, £1.34 for Pro.

If you haven’t got a Heads up display (HUD) in your car, and don’t want to pay big money for an aftermarket satnav, then you can use Hudway, which integrates with google maps to provide you turn by turn navigation. You just have to fix it to your dashboard and you’re done. It definitely works better at night time, however.

5. Wireless car key finder


Available from: £1.85

These super cheap Bluetooth dongles allow you to keep track of where your keys are and will alert you if they are outside a 40ft radius of you. Losing your car keys is now much less of a problem. Alternatively, you could spend a bit more to have a GPS facility which might be useful if you have a larger house or are perpetually forgetful!

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